Thursday, October 22, 2009

You may occasionally see these little hints from me....

So if you're not new to blogging, just go ahead and ignore them, I'm writing them with the poeple who are new to it in mind.
If you look down at the bottom of a blog entry, you'll see where it says x comments, that tells you how many people have commented on the post.  If you click on the title to the post (New to Blogging on the post below), you will be able to see the post with all it's comments.
If you want to make a comment to the post, down towards the bottom there is a link that says Post a Comment.  Just click on it and follow the directions.  It's quicker if you already are logged in to Blogger, but you can still comment even if you do not have a blogger account.
Please, feel free to ask if you have any questions on how to do anything on here.

New to Blogging

Is Blogging a word? Regardless, this is my first official Blog posting. I am just going with the flow because I am not really sure what this Blogging is all about... Bare with me...

Saw a few fellow Rossi's last weekend as we had a surprise 70th birthday party for my mom, Lorraine. It was horrific weather and the venue was located on the water. I had imagined a gorgeous Fall day with the sun shining in through the windows instead we got rain and lots of it. So much that the windows were leaking! The winds were hurricane like and the monsoon was coming down hard.

But indoors all was warm and cozy and Mom was totally shocked and surprised! That is all you can ask for at a surprise party. The look on her face was priceless as we all yelled out Surprise when she walked in from the storm. I think it took her about 15 seconds before she even comprehended what was transpiring. We got her good!

It was hard for me not to think of Nana Grace and how she would have enjoyed herself. Sitting at the table, being her usual quiet self, but enjoying the fact that her family was all around her. She was there in spirit as well as I passed out some copies of her wedding photo that I had recently made.

All in all, a great day.

Alas, that is all I can post now. Jack, my 2.5 year old son, is snoozing after a long day at the zoo. Any of you moms can relate that nap time is a cherished time so no more blogging for to use my time to make a few calls without a screaming toddler in the background.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you are all well and taking care.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

What’s the difference?

So far I’ve had two votes on the poll over there to the left, and both have been the question.
PUBLIC: Anyone, anywhere on the web can read everything on the blog.  This means anyone who posts or comments just has to keep that in mind and not always tell all.
PRIVATE: Only people that are invited to read the blog will be able to and everyone reading it will have to have a username and password and will have to log in to read it.
MY PERSONAL OPINION: Public is fine as long as we follow a couple simple rules
  1. Never post personal information (phone number, address, even the bank you bank at)
  2. Be especially careful about posting information about the children in the family.  Never name the school they go to, where they like to go to play or the mall they hang out at.  Leave it at “the park”, “their school” and “the mall”   rather than Liberty Park, Bonneville Elementary or SouthTowne Mall.
That doesn’t mean we don’t say anything.  I’ve even posted pictures of my house on my blog, but I always photoshop out the address.  Even though there were a lot of clues to the name of the high school I worked at, I never actually named it until after they closed it (because by then it really was obvious, especially to anyone living in Salt Lake) and I still usually don’t even name the schools I used to work at.
I don’t think having it public is really that much of a risk, as long as everyone keeps in mind that it is actually accessible to anyone in the world, although not easy to find in the literal sea of blogs out there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to become an Author

If you haven't already emailed me - the send me an email.

Here is the link that will download a PDF file with directions.  If you can't read it, just download the Adobe Reader.

Becoming an Author

Thank you for wanting to be a part of this.

Good Response

Well, I have to admit I was a little worried that this project would be met with some apathy, much like certain experiences with teachers and technology.
Fortunately in this case that was not the case.  I already have sent out invitations to 6 people who were interested in becoming authors here, and got some good comments.  First the comments, then a little tutorial on how to get set up.
Hi All,Just want to thank Steve for the FAMILY BLOG.I will leave the technology to you young people. Love to read the news about the Rossi Clan.Lorraine is feeling much better these days.She hopes to be at full strength by the holidays.Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING>

Donald & Lorraine

Donald - we all are hoping she if feeling great for the holidays!
Hi Steve - I think it is a great idea. Throwing some technology into the family should help bridge the miles!! I'd like to be an author. Thanks for doing this - Arches must be a very inspirational place! Jill Rossi-Peterson
Jill - Arches is an incredible place, the rock formations are amazing.

Sounds great, please place me on your author list and let me know what I must do...I'm low-tech, not hi-tech. By the way, I'm the goofy kid in the front row with his front teeth missing. I love that picture, it was taken in my parent's (Hugo & Amy) house in Wellesley I believe in 1954; it's also a testimony to how well things were built back then to support that many Rossis in one room!
Look forward to participating in many blogs with this great family!
Cousin Paul
Paul - I love looking through the old family pictures.  I'm trying to get a bunch of them scanned, so we'll probably be seeing them on here as I ask to see if anyone knows who is who.
Hi Steve-

I think you have a wonderful idea. This is the very best method of maintaining contact with the whole family and keeping abreast of current news concerning family members.
Please certify me as an author. And thank you for your enthusiasm and creativity.
Cousin Robert
(Son of Hugo)
Robert - Hey, I'm son of Hugo too.  Different Hugo, but what the heck.  But, that's what I'm hoping - that we get a bunch posting on here and keeping everyone in touch with what is going on with this huge, great family.

Thank you all for your interest.   My next post will be a tutorial on how to get signed up and a how to post a simple post.  Occasionally I'll post little things on how to add a picture, how to change your profile and profile picture, anything I can think of or you ask for.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome all you Rossi folk out there.

Ok, so we don't all have the last name Rossi.  Marriages, adoptions, Witness Protection and a myriad of other cultural rituals have given us a ton of different last names.  But if you are one of the people in the title picture, or if you are related to any one of them or just know them, then you are a Rossi.  And this blog is for you.
Read, enjoy, comment.  And if you want to become an author so you can post on your own, just email me and I'll put you on as an author.  After all, this is not my blog, this is supposed to be the blog for all the Rossi clan. 
Hope to see you all posting here often.