Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Here is my photo from Christmas Eve. Starting from the left is my daughter Madison, then Anna and Patrick (Lisa and Jim's kids - Partick has his back to the camera and has a hat on), My brother Steve in the orange shirt under the Christmas tree, then Scott and Jenn (my daughter and son-in-law - Jenn is in the white sweater) and below them my oldest daughter Lynda with Camden on her left, your right (my son's son), then my son-in-law Todd (he is married to Lynda) and next to him are Rachael and Danny, both looking like they are texting, which they are. Peeking out in front of Rachael is Lisa, Jeff (my son) is in front on the right with the striped shirt and his wife Amy (yes, one of the many Any Rossis) is in front with the green shirt.

From all of us to all of you we wish you a joyous and wonderfilled new year.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

to you all from out here in the west.  I hope you all have an enjoyable day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello and Merry Christmas!

It sounds like Thanksgiving was pretty amazing for some of the Rossis! We actually had a rather quiet day, but that was nice, too!

Think of you all often and especially at Christmas. We will all be at Leigh's house this year - it will be good to be together. I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of memories and full of new stories to be made into memories! Looking forward to a happy and healthy new year for us all - guess with all the new body parts or refurbished originals, some are already off to a good start!! God Bless us all -


Monday, December 21, 2009

From Thanksgiving...!

Hi all-

Uncle Paul, the Westwood branch of the Rossi's doesn't have any photos from Thanksgiving either, but I did snap one quick photo of the kids' table on my phone!

Hope you all enjoy, and have a wonderful, safe, happy, and very Merry Christmas!!!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hello Family,
It's 20 degrees here in Ashland as winter is making it's way into New England in it's usual cold and blustery fashion...
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, as we surely did with our cast of 36. Believe it or not there were no leftovers as we somehow ate 50 pounds of turkey and all the goodies with it. Fortunately Amy had desserts at her house, so she was left with all the big calorie leftovers.
I failed to get a picture of all of us together, but the memories are warmly ensconced in our hearts. The 12 kids had a total blast together and were all happy to see each other.
Hugo & Renee and their daughters Grace and Sophia came all the way from Seattle to stay with us and it was a treat for all of us to spend time with so many family members.

As for me, I'm recovering well from my hip resurfacing surgery and getting stronger by the day.
It's a wonderful thing to be able to get new parts for all these worn-out bones that come with the wonders of aging. I'm very thankful for modern medicine.

By the way, I figured out that since that picture on our blog was taken in 1955, there have been
128 new members of the Rossi Family (including spouses) with Mason Campion being our newest member.

Hope all is well with everyone and it would be nice to see some more blogs being posted here.

Merry Christmas, Cousin Paul

Friday, December 4, 2009

Paul Update

Hi All,

I just heard from Paul and he is being released from the hospital today - just 2 days after his surgery and he is doing great!

Enjoy the weekend -

Amy Dolores

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paul Gets Hip!

Hi All,

Paul is at Newton Wellesley Hospital today continuing his efforts to become more bionic with another hip resurfacing. He's already had the other hip done, and had a total knee replacement 10 or so years ago, so little by little he is upgrading the parts in order to keep up with his 4 grandsons!

This seems to be a common theme in this branch of the family: Robert had a hip replacement several weeks ago and was looking quite limber on Thanksgiving Day. In the meantime, I'm hoping my parts hold out for many more years.......

I'll keep you posted!

Love to all,
Amy Dolores