Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Vilma!

Hello Family,

First of all, we had a great week in the Outer Banks with 29 of the Rossi's. Lots of food
and drink, lots of laughs and good banter, lots of fun in the sun on beautiful beaches with
comfortable water temps and nice waves for the kids (and even me). Even got a round of
golf in with the young lions, Michael & Richard (they both took money from me). It was great
just to see all the kids together and to spend some quality time with those we don't get to
see often enough...Sorry, I don't have pics yet, I'm waiting on my more hi-tech family members
to supply them.

We've had some big birthdays this year, but none bigger than that of our new matriarch, Vilma,
turning 80 tomorrow, the 24th! Here's wishing you all the best Vilma!

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying your summer.

Happy Birthday Vilma!

Cousin Paul

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello All

Good Morning Family,
Just read Paul & Judy's post re North C. vacation. I'm jealous. Wish we could've joined - bet it was fantastic - you said you'd post pics.........
We (jill, leigh, betsy, brett, jay, al,) are doing well. Getting Mom and Dad's house ready to be sold :( That is more difficult than I thought it would be. (Although Leigh has basically been the project manager for the renovations and has been working on it 24/7.)
Seems like it is going to be hard to say goodbye to 24 Sachem Rd. I get somewhat overwhelmed when I walk in now and see new fixtures and floors, but I hear Mom and Dad and all our voices - just the way they were from day 1. I imagine everyone will say goodbye in their own time and way - and I know we will take all our memories, of which every Rossi (all of you)are a part, and carry on the traditions and stories and love. Some things are just easier than others.
No big vacation plans this summer - Danny is really busy with work, so we will try to do long weekends, etc. Chris and Kaleigh are both working a million hours - apparently saving so they can take good care of their elderly parents some day - long weekends will have to do. Was supposed to join "the girls" in Vegas in August, but had to back-out because of work. Have to wait until next year. (That's what I said last year). We are going to Toronto in August to watch the Sox and enjoy cooler temps - hopefully they'll do better than the weekend we went to Baltimore to watch them get swept. yikes.
In closing, looking forward to Paul's pics, postings from more of us more often, and the reunion in September. Love to all-

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Family,
It took me awhile to get back onto the posting page, as I forgot my password...
Anyway, I wanted to wish all a happy and fun-filled summer season now that it is
officially upon us.
Judi & I will be joining 26 other Rossi Family members in our 2nd trip to the Outer
Banks of North Carolina this weekend. Once again we have rented two big houses on
the ocean for the week. All the little kids and big kids (us) are excited about the trip.
Hugo is coming from Seattle, Tina from Tacoma, and Pam from Buffalo, all the rest of
us are from the metrowest area of Ma. We will forward some pics when we get back...
Did everyone see the picture of Donnie G. with his son Ben on the cover of the PawSox
bulletin for Father's Day? It's a classic and befitting for a happy father & son!
Hope this blog finds everyone well and if you get a chance, drop a line and let us know how
you're doing, anyone out there....
Be well, Cousin Paul

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello All

I too have been conspicuously absent in my blogging in the recent past. All is well here, Maddy is beginning to drive and with it comes the usual rites of passage; a speeding ticket and two custom bodywork applications (damaged bumpers, both front and rear, luckily both were slow speed encounters and no one was hurt) to her otherwise pristine Hyundai.

Marijke is volunteering at the hospital every morning and she is really enjoying it. She is at the sharp end of the stick so to speak. She gets to impact people's lives when her spiritual guidance can mean the most to them.

I have been on two adventures this spring, one to Death Valley, CA and the other to the sandstone canyons of Southern Utah. The first was a long weekend trip on my brother's 1984 Honda V45 Magna with 7 other zealots. We rode along the loneliest blacktop we could find between SLC and Death Valley (and there is a lot of it between here and there). The second adventure involved three others and my Honda CRF 450x. Day trips along mining roads and single track led us into some really remote places like the mines at Hey Joe Canyon and vast desert landscape we rode through along the White Rim Trail. Both trips were a blast and gave me some considerable helmet time to think things through.

Somebody mentioned Paul had a book published and it sold 1400 copies, what book and how do I get a hold of a copy?

Hope all is well with all of you and that you have clean drinking water.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Family,

I thought I'd write a quick note to everyone and then couldn't remember how to do it! It could be an age problem or just that it's been too long between posts.

I'm thinking of all of you as I'm baking easter biscuits. My kitchen smells of anise and it brings to mind all of the wonderful Rossi mothers that we've lost.

Happy Easter to all, Cousin Patty

Hello Again!

Hello again Family,

Looks like everyone must be busy these days because I feel like the loneblogger, of

course I do have some time on my hands...

Just when I thought we might have a nice mild early spring, bang, the flood gates opened

and New England finished the month of March with 14+ inches of rain. I hope everyone

in the local area faired well and stayed dry, or atleast with minimal damage. It was truly

scary and just a reminder of the power of nature, it kind of puts alot in perspective.

Just a thought: I keep the Rossi Generations as one of my icons and check it everyday, that

way I get to look at that great picture and keep those memories alive of all those great people

who gave us our start in life, I only wish Alba & Arno were there that day, I think Alba was
pregnant with Dennis, do you remember Dennis?

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish those who celebrate Easter a very Happy Easter.

Health & Happiness to all,

Cousin Paul