Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Family,

I thought I'd write a quick note to everyone and then couldn't remember how to do it! It could be an age problem or just that it's been too long between posts.

I'm thinking of all of you as I'm baking easter biscuits. My kitchen smells of anise and it brings to mind all of the wonderful Rossi mothers that we've lost.

Happy Easter to all, Cousin Patty


leigh doukas said...

Hey, I need some of those biscotti!!

Easter here was a whirl wind, Mel was home for 2.5 days. Lots of chocolate left over, which I have been diligently trying to stuff into my face. Just think of all of those antioxidants working.....

leigh doukas said...

Another comment, check out the Rossi Generation photo, Auntie Florence is looking with concern at someone, and my mother, Tobi, has her head thrown back as if she just heard a marvelous comment. It seemed to me that it captured their personalities in that moment! (Also, I am not born yet.....)