Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello All

I too have been conspicuously absent in my blogging in the recent past. All is well here, Maddy is beginning to drive and with it comes the usual rites of passage; a speeding ticket and two custom bodywork applications (damaged bumpers, both front and rear, luckily both were slow speed encounters and no one was hurt) to her otherwise pristine Hyundai.

Marijke is volunteering at the hospital every morning and she is really enjoying it. She is at the sharp end of the stick so to speak. She gets to impact people's lives when her spiritual guidance can mean the most to them.

I have been on two adventures this spring, one to Death Valley, CA and the other to the sandstone canyons of Southern Utah. The first was a long weekend trip on my brother's 1984 Honda V45 Magna with 7 other zealots. We rode along the loneliest blacktop we could find between SLC and Death Valley (and there is a lot of it between here and there). The second adventure involved three others and my Honda CRF 450x. Day trips along mining roads and single track led us into some really remote places like the mines at Hey Joe Canyon and vast desert landscape we rode through along the White Rim Trail. Both trips were a blast and gave me some considerable helmet time to think things through.

Somebody mentioned Paul had a book published and it sold 1400 copies, what book and how do I get a hold of a copy?

Hope all is well with all of you and that you have clean drinking water.

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