Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Vilma!

Hello Family,

First of all, we had a great week in the Outer Banks with 29 of the Rossi's. Lots of food
and drink, lots of laughs and good banter, lots of fun in the sun on beautiful beaches with
comfortable water temps and nice waves for the kids (and even me). Even got a round of
golf in with the young lions, Michael & Richard (they both took money from me). It was great
just to see all the kids together and to spend some quality time with those we don't get to
see often enough...Sorry, I don't have pics yet, I'm waiting on my more hi-tech family members
to supply them.

We've had some big birthdays this year, but none bigger than that of our new matriarch, Vilma,
turning 80 tomorrow, the 24th! Here's wishing you all the best Vilma!

Anyway, hope you're all enjoying your summer.

Happy Birthday Vilma!

Cousin Paul

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