Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello All

Good Morning Family,
Just read Paul & Judy's post re North C. vacation. I'm jealous. Wish we could've joined - bet it was fantastic - you said you'd post pics.........
We (jill, leigh, betsy, brett, jay, al,) are doing well. Getting Mom and Dad's house ready to be sold :( That is more difficult than I thought it would be. (Although Leigh has basically been the project manager for the renovations and has been working on it 24/7.)
Seems like it is going to be hard to say goodbye to 24 Sachem Rd. I get somewhat overwhelmed when I walk in now and see new fixtures and floors, but I hear Mom and Dad and all our voices - just the way they were from day 1. I imagine everyone will say goodbye in their own time and way - and I know we will take all our memories, of which every Rossi (all of you)are a part, and carry on the traditions and stories and love. Some things are just easier than others.
No big vacation plans this summer - Danny is really busy with work, so we will try to do long weekends, etc. Chris and Kaleigh are both working a million hours - apparently saving so they can take good care of their elderly parents some day - long weekends will have to do. Was supposed to join "the girls" in Vegas in August, but had to back-out because of work. Have to wait until next year. (That's what I said last year). We are going to Toronto in August to watch the Sox and enjoy cooler temps - hopefully they'll do better than the weekend we went to Baltimore to watch them get swept. yikes.
In closing, looking forward to Paul's pics, postings from more of us more often, and the reunion in September. Love to all-

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